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  • Prof. Miriam Shlesinger, Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies

    Prof. Miriam Shlesinger Earns Lifetime Achievement Award from the Israel Translators Association

    Date: 2011-04-06 Hour: 9:50

    Prof. Miriam Shlesinger, of the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies, is to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Israel Translators Association.

    "The Award is being granted to Prof. Shlesinger in recognition of her unique contribution to the world of translation and interpreting and related fields for many years. Her accomplishments exceed even her personal excellence as a translator and interpreter, and her contributions are invaluable for translators of generations to come," wrote representatives of the Israel Translators Association in explaining why she was chosen to receive the honor. "Prof. Shlesinger is the leading pillar behind the world of academia, and a relentless fighter for the practical application of translation and interpreting for the common good. She has a hand in diverse areas including sign language, the court system, and the health system. For all this, but not only this, we believe that a prophet is not without honor, except in his own country, and the time has come for her to receive the official recognition that she deserves in her own country."

    Prof. Shlesinger received her BA in Musicology and English Linguistics from the Hebrew University, her MA in Poetics and Literary Studies from Tel Aviv University, and her PhD in the English department at Bar-Ilan University. She began teaching at Bar-Ilan in 1978.

    An Associate Professor in the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies, Prof. Shlesinger has served as Chairman of the Department for the past four years. She teaches Community Interpreting, a year-long elective course which empowers speakers of minority languages to play an active role in inter-lingual and inter-cultural mediation. Her research interests include courtroom interpreting, community interpreting, translation theory, cognitive processes in simultaneous interpreting, methods of teaching translation and interpreting, and more.