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  • "Fringes -- Jewish Art as an Israeli Periphery" book cover

    Bar-Ilan University's Leiber Center Releases Jewish Art Publication

    Date: 2010-10-13 Hour: 11:07

    "Fringes -- Jewish Art as an Israeli Periphery" is the latest publication in a series published under the auspices of Bar-Ilan University's Leiber Center for Jewish Art Exhibitions. The series focuses on research and documentation of contemporary Jewish art discourse in Israel.

    The Leiber Center series aims at sketching broad guidelines for topics pertinent to the field of Jewish art within the Israeli sphere.

    At the base of the current edition stands the hypothesis that Judaism is conceived as a "subterranean" element of Israeli culture. The discussion considers the viability and elasticity of distinctions between the religious and the secular. This perspective favors a harmonic understanding, by which religiosity and secularism are not opposites, but rather intertwined inseparable concepts.

    Alongside the discussion concerning canonical artists, this publication relates mainly to peripheral tendencies and non-mainstream artistic groups, aiming to reveal their qualities as well as their limitations.

    "Fringes -- Jewish Art as an Israeli Periphery", in Hebrew, is authored by David Sperber and edited by Tzachi Mezuman.