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Prof. Miriam Faust Elected First Female Rector of Bar-Ilan University

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  • Bar-Ilan University Vice President for Research Prof. Shulamit Michaeli addresses Israeli researchers residing in the United States who were pre-selected to interview for faculty positions at the University

    Bar-Ilan University Vice President for Research Prof. Shulamit Michaeli addresses Israeli researchers residing in the United States who were pre-selected to interview for faculty positions at the University

    Bar-Ilan University and ScienceAbroad Turning Israel's Brain Drain into Brain Gain

    Date: 2018-07-24 Hour: 9:13

    Bar-Ilan University is embarking on its most ambitious faculty recruitment program to date.  Over the next decade the University will recruit 150 new researchers for academic positions in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, including computer science, life sciences, and medicine.  The University has highly cultivated these disciplines over the past 15 years in response to Israel's medical, economic, scientific, and security needs.

    A delegation of Bar-Ilan professors recently kicked off the recruitment process in the United States, where they met with Israeli scientists, doctors, and engineers residing abroad who are potential candidates for these faculty positions.  At a series of employment fairs, the professors familiarized the candidates with the University and conducted one-on-one job interviews with them.  Nearly 100 pre-selected candidates attended.

    The fairs were organized in partnership with ScienceAbroad, and in cooperation with the Absorption Department in the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption.  ScienceAbroad is a non-profit organization comprised of an international community of more than 2,800 Israelis with advanced degrees residing abroad. The organization operates 23 centers run by volunteers on US, Canadian, and British campuses which coordinate professional and networking events, and other activities aimed at preserving the Israeli identity of scientists and their families, and facilitating their return to Israel to stem the tide of brain drain.

    University Rector Prof. Miriam Faust, who is overseeing the absorption of the new scientists, said the University is leading a process of accelerated expansion in experimental science to increase and improve the balance in teaching and research between the so-called "human sciences" and experimental sciences. According to Faust, the program is to recruit outstanding researchers who will receive optimal conditions so that they can realize their scientific aspirations and reach significant milestones. Prof. Faust said that increasing research in the experimental fields is expected to continue to improve the University's standing in international academic rankings, following its large increase in these rankings in recent years. She added that Bar-Ilan University, with a wide range of research disciplines, excels in particular in scientific cooperation between researchers from different fields of knowledge, and that the new researchers will be able to integrate into interdisciplinary research groups and enrich their research.  

    Members of the Bar-Ilan U. delegation included:

    Prof. Shulamit Michaeli, Vice President for Research and former Dean of the Mina and Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences, who presented the University's plans for expansion and research in the life sciences and in medicine

    Prof. Sharon Ruthstein, of the Department of Chemistry, who presented the physics and chemistry research being conducted at the University and discussed her personal experience as a young scientist on campus

    Prof. Alex Fish, of the Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering, who heads the nanotechnology track at the Faculty and the soon-to-be-established Impact Center for Nanoscale Circuit Design and Integrated Systems, presented research in engineering and discussed what it's like to introduce a new research topic at the University

    Prof. Yonatan Aumann, Chairman of the Department of Computer Science, presented computer science research and the Department's plans for expansion


    The employment fairs took place at ScienceAbroad centers in Washington, DC, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Stanford, Berkeley, and San Diego. In the Washington, DC vicinity American scientists interested in employment at Bar-Ilan University were also invited to attend and interview for available positions. Suitable candidates who reside far from the event locations were offered a flight subsidy by ScienceAbroad. 

    In 2006 Bar-Ilan University launched a Returning Scientists Program to recruit Israeli scientists from prestigious early career academic appointments abroad. These returning scientists joined the University's Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, Mina and Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Department of Computer Science, Department of Physics, Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering, and Department of Mathematics from such elite institutions as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, the National Institutes of Health, ETH-Zurich, and others.