M.D. at The Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee

Bar-Ilan University is establishing a Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee which will integrate medical innovation with cutting-edge research, dedicated to servicing the community of northern Israel.

The objective of the Bar-Ilan Faculty of Medicine in the Galileeis to train doctors with understanding and knowledge of medical sciences and clinical practice.  The Faculty's training program will provide them with the skills required to advance as both clinicians and biomedical researchers, with an emphasis on community outreach and social involvement, specifically to residents of northern Israel.

The Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee offers a pioneering multidisciplinary academic program categorized by normal biological and pathological processes, entitled "clinical fields".

Bar-Ilan University views this program as an integrative education method, joining basic scientific with clinical education as early as the first year of study.

The Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee will put great emphasis on inventive programs, promoting public health and preventative medicine.  The curriculum will focus not only on patient care, but also on healthy lifestyles, with specific regard to environmental factors.

The Faculty's clinical instruction will be held in hospitals all across the Galilee region of northern Israel.  An academic infrastructure will be established in the Galilee's ambulatory centers, alongside epidemiological and clinical researcher facilities.

Following this novel educational concept, Bar-Ilan's Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee will also include a research institute and research centers for basic sciences, researchers (pre-clinical medical studies) and clinicians.  The research conducted in these centers will be medically oriented, such as Disease Oriented Research Centers and Integrative Research Centers.  The research model at the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee is that of Translational Research, in which basic research aims to be clinically, diagnostically and therapeutically applicable. 

  A computer rendering of the Facutly of Medicine in the Galilee

Each of the Faculty's research centers will incorporate the research endeavors of clinical faculty members who work in hospitals and academic clinics, with those of MD or PhD researchers who will work at the Faculty's research centers.

Community medicine will be a core component of research and study within the Faculty.  These issues will be at the heart of research at the Faculty's research centers, in an effort to upgrade the medical services offered to Israeli northerners, and provide for all health-related needs.

The new Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee will become a vital component in community life in the Galilee. It will advance, for instance, scientific education for teens, and assume an active role in promoting health and environmental issues all over northern Israel.  

For more information, refer to the Faculty's website.

Last modified: 14/09/2017