Bar-Ilan University offers a vast variety of BA and BSc study tracks.  In order facilitate the application process for a BA or BSc at Bar-Ilan University, we have detailed the entire application process, registration requirments, and program offering in the Registration Pamphlet. It contains all the information you need about studying at Bar-Ilan University.
The duration of studies for completing the requirements for a Bachelor's degree in all the faculties is usually three years. The duration of studies at the Faculty of Law is three years and one semester. The duration of studies at the School of Engineering is 4 years.

The Bar-Ilan Credit System

Bar-Ilan credits are expressed in terms of "annual class hours." The number of "annual hours" awarded for a particular course is normally equal to the number of hours per week devoted to that course during a full year of study (i.e., each "annual hour" is equivalent to 2 credits as usually defined by the U.S. universities working on a semester system). This does not apply to laboratory, seminar, or recitation hours or for certain science courses for which a special credit hour value has been determined.


English as a Foreign Language

Students are required to take courses in English as a foreign language based on their level in the screening exams. Students demonstrating a high level of proficiency in the English language based on predefined criteria may be exempt from these courses.


Basic Jewish Studies

In keeping with Bar-Ilan University's basic principles, as defined at the time of its founding, the University requires its students to become familiar with the Bible, oral law, Jewish thougt and Jewish history, in addition to their specialization in the various subjects.

Non-Jewish students are not required to take Jewish Studies courses; they may take courses in general studies instead.


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Last modified: 26/11/2017