Studies for a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) or MD are the supreme level of studies at Bar-Ilan University.  The key objective of the PhD studies is to conduct an original research, whether theoretical or experimental. These study tracks aim to advance the vanguard of research in the specific domain and prove the student's skills as an independent researcher. Students must prove that they are capable of carrying out a large-scale research study of value to the academic community. They are also required to prove that they benefit from the knowledge, initiative, imagination and the capacity for in-depth study, good judgment and perseverance that are essential to an independent researcher. The research will be considered valuable if, in addition to exhibiting a high level worthy of publication in a scientific journal, it will significantly advance knowledge and understanding in the field of research.


The Bar-Ilan University Senate has entrusted the Research Students Committee to oversee the approval process of the PhD study program, and to appoint researchers as advisors to the research students. The Committee reviews all applications of those interested in PhD studies at the University, determines admission terms, approves proposed research programs and evaluates the dissertation submitted by PhD students.


Bar-Ilan University offers three different Ph.D. study tracks:


·               Direct track for a Ph.D. Degree – intended for excelling graduates, capable of completing an extensive research study after having acquired their Bachelor's degree, and within six years from the commencement of their Ph.D. studies.

·               Standard study track – a thesis study program, offered upon completion of a Master's degree. 

·               Combined Ph.D. study track – combining two years of study for a Master's degree with four additional academic years, within the framework of Ph.D. studies.


Excelling students who have completed their studies for a Master's degree without a thesis are also offered the option of preparing an equivalent assignment within the framework of the Ph.D. studies, over a period of one year, and continuing, based on a fitting grade (86 or above) – received upon completion of this assignment, in regular studies for a Ph.D. degree.

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In recent years, the university has invested considerable resources into encouraging research students, by offering, among others, President's scholarships of NIS 40,000 annually to outstanding students for Ph.D. degree, which are granted on a competitive basis, in addition to an exemption from tuition fees, subject to the student's commitment to complete the Ph.D. degree within a period of four years.


Chairman of the Research Students Committee

Prof. Gil S. Epstein


Head of the Research Students Department

Ms. Idith Barak


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