Bar-Ilan University offers several study tracks for a Master's Degree.  In order facilitate the application process for an MA at Bar Ilan University, we have detailed the entire application process, registration requirments, and program offering in the Registration Pamphlet.  It contains all the information you need about studying at Bar Ilan University.
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Study Tracks

Bar-Ilan offers two study tracks for Master's degree:

Track 1: Includes conducting research and submitting a thesis on the results of the research.

Track 2: Without research. This track is offered only in some departments, and its graduates cannot apply for Ph.D. studies. Students in this track who decide to continue their studies toward a PhD degree must then conduct research in accordance with the University rules and regulations.

Basic Jewish Studies: Students are required to complete the required Basic Jewish Studies as determined by the University.
Foreign Language: Students are required to meet the University's requirements for English for Master's degree studies. Based on the regulations, each department will determine the requirements for studying a foreign language or languages that its students must fulfill. The requirement may be for one or two foreign languages, at beginners' or advanced level, as determined by the head of the department and in accordance with the research requirements.

Contact Details - MA Committee:


MA Committee Chairman:                Ms. Rinat Dannino

Head of MA Division:                          Prof. Gil S. Epstein

Mailing Address:                                The MA Division Secretariat

Bldg. 403, ground floor, room 004

Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, 5290002 Israel

Information Call Center:                    972-3-531-7000

Fax:                                                          972-3-738-4005



Last modified: 26/11/2017