The Israel Experience Program

The Israel Experience Program

The Israel Experience Program (Bar-Ilan University's One Year Study Program for overseas students) is intended for students arriving in Israel for one year or one semester of studies, before commencing their studies abroad, or as part of their academic studies in other countries.

This unique program, conducted in the English language, combines Jewish studies within the framework of the Torah Midrasha for Women or the Jesselson Institute for Advanced Torah Studies (for men) in the morning hours, with Hebrew studies at the Ulpan, and general studies, also conducted in English, in the afteroon hours.

The program includes extensive social activities, such as tours and trips in Israel, lecures, weekend activities, etc. – aimed at acquainting the participants with the country, the Jewish tradition, Jewish heritage and strengthening their bond with their homeland.

The Israel Experience program qualifies its participants for academic credit, which is recognized by most of the North American and Canadian universities, as well as all Israeli Universities.

The Israel Experience Program at Bar-Ilan

Last modified: 07/12/2017