Faculty of Jewish Studies

Faculty of Jewish Studies

The core of Bar-Ilan University is its Faculty of Jewish Studies, the world’s largest and most respected center for academic research in all fields related to Jewish heritage, ranging from Ancient Manuscripts to Holocaust Studies to Legal Ethics. The Faculty advocates a modern approach to Jewish studies that is at once open-minded, innovative and respectful of tradition. The Faculty boasts world-renowned scholars as Faculty members, and publishes a variety of important international journals. In addition, a broad array of research institutes and centers enriches the Faculty’s scope.


Our alumni are active in academia, research, education, Israeli public life, government and the Israeli Defense Forces. Faculty members serve as advisors at Yad Vashem, the Israeli Education Ministry, the Hebrew Language Academy and the Knesset, among others. Together, the faculty and alumni of these departments are creating a contemporary Jewish culture for the modern Jewish state. The Faculty offers multiple e-learning options for those wishing to pursue high-level studies over the internet and has developed novel, engaging techniques for teaching Talmud to schoolchildren.

|Faculty of Jewish Studies

Departments of the Faculty of Jewish Studies:

The Zalman Shamir Bible Department

The Talmud and Oral Law Department

The Department of Jewish History 

The Program in Contemporary Jewry

The Department of Hebrew and Semitic Languages

Department for Hebrew Expression and Ulpan

The Joseph and Norman Berman Department of Literature of the Jewish People

Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology

The Interdepartmental Division of Jewish Studies (including the Program in Jewish Art)

The Department of Jewish Thought 

The Department of Middle Eastern Studies

The Helene and Paul Shulman School for Basic Jewish Studies

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