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Green Campus

Green Campus

With its artfully landscaped campus and concern for the environment, Bar-Ilan University has won Israel's "most beautiful" campus award and has been officially recognized by the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection as a Green Campus. Spanning 140 acres in the heart of Israel, it includes 80 modern classroom buildings, 300 advanced laboratories and 55 research centers and institutes. The university today boasts some of the most interesting and innovative architecture and gardens in the State of Israel, particularly on its newer north campus, which has effectively doubled the size of the university's physical plant.

BIU attaches uppermost importance to ensuring environmental sustainability, and toward that end, advances projects which promote energy conversion, the recycling of waste materials, and environmental education. A free electric campus shuttle service ferries students and faculty from one end of the university grounds to the other, thereby, reducing vehicular traffic and harmful emissions.

Bar-Ilan University is  focusing efforts on promoting environmental care in four key areas:

Community & Education

Bar-Ilan University encourages students and faculty to initiate and participate in activities which serve to protect the environment  and preserve the local landscape, as part  of the ongoing efforts of the Environmental Regulation Clinic in the Faculty of Law, the Student Union, the Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences, and the Churgin School of Education at BIU.



The university applies the principles of sustainability on campus by installing advanced technological aids for preserving water and electricity. In addition, it promotes conservation of resources and encourages workers and students to recycle paper, cardboards, textiles, thereby reducing waste intended for landfills.



Bar-Ilan University promotes research in the field of environmental protection and the development of energy-saving measures. Additionally, courses regarding environmental preservation are offered on campus designed for students from all departments, in order to increase environmental awareness.


Campus Gardens

Developing the campus and its gardens, which draw inspiration from Jewish ideals and Israeli culture, has resulted in the creation of "Story Gardens." Strategically located among the university's buildings, these gardens serve as open museums and points of reflection of the university's worldview, one that combines Jewish values with modern technology and research.


















Last modified: 13/01/2020