MOOC, Exchange & Summer Programs

MOOC, Exchange & Summer Programs



MOOC - Biblical Archaeology: The Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Judah

Bar-Ilan University's Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology offers a new MOOC, led by Prof. Aren Maeir, senior lecturer and director of the Tel es Safi archaeological dig. The MOOC, titled Biblical Archaeology: The Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Judah, will use cutting-edge, inter-disciplinary archaeological research to explore the fascinating field of archaeology, the history and the nations of the era: Israel, Judah, Philistine, Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, and others. Special focus will be given to complex relationship between archaeology, history and the bible, and how modern research interfaces between these different, and at times conflicting, sources. In particular, how can archaeology be used to understand the biblical text – and vice a versa. The course will combine short video lectures with extensive illustrative materials, on-site discussions at relevant archaeological locations, display 3D images and discuss relevant archaeological finds.

For more information click here.


Undergraduate Program for Physics Third-Year students

BIU's Department of Physics is offering a new exchange program, in English, for excelling 3rd year physics undergrads. The program provides extensive knowlege in the fields of Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Physics, Electrodynamics and Solid State Physics. The program also includes several elective courses on Lasers, Advanced Solid State Labs, Nanotechnology and Fabrication. Program participants will also take part in reserach projects held by the department's leading scientists. 

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Summer Program in Nano-Photonics:
Optical Super Resolved Imaging and Fluorescent Microscopy for Outstanding Graduate Students

The summer program of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering allows graduate students to acquire an extensive academic experience in a vibrant social and cultural environment at Israel’s most advanced department of electrical engineering. The program centers around one core course carrying 4 academic credits.

For more information check the Program's Website.

סטודנטים לומדים ברחבי הקמפוס

The Bar-Ilan/Yeshiva University Summer Science Internship

This exciting program enables talented undergraduate science majors to work in the research group of one of Bar-Ilan's distinguished faculty members in the biological and/or physical sciences at the Bar-Ilan Campus in Ramat Gan.

For more information check the Program's website.

International Summer Program:
Identity-Based Conflict Resolution – Faculty of Law 

This interdisciplinary four-week program (taught in English), examines interpersonal level, national and international conflicts with a focus on identity-based conflicts and a particular emphasis on conflicts found in Israel. The Program is offered to holders of undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as current advanced undergraduate students and current graduate students. The interdisciplinary program, consisting of seminars, workshops, simulations, films and guest lectures, deals with issues from a variety of perspectives, including law, psychology, religion and culture. The program also includes various social events such as receptions and educational travels in Israel. Upon completion of the complete program (4 courses), a certificate of participation is awarded by the Faculty of Law. Students can request an official university transcript of their graduate level courses and grades for transfer to other institutions.  

For more information check the Program's website.

The Dead Sea Scrolls – An Introduction
An online summer course from the
Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology

The Dead Sea Scrolls are the most important discovery in the history and archeology of the Holy Land and ancient Judaism. They changed everything we thought we knew about our past. However, the on-going publication of more than 800 texts leaves many of us confused about their contents and significance. The course introduces a thorough and up-to-date review of the different kinds of scrolls found at Qumran, pointing to their significance for our understanding of ancient Judaism and early Christianity.

For more information check the program's page.

A Summer Workshop – Religions Facing Critical Challenges along the Ages

A summer workshop held as part of the activities of an international research group, established by the Kenan institute of Ethics in Duke University, the faculty of theology in Leipzig university and the department of history, Bar- Ilan university; students from the three institutions are invited to participate.

For more information check out the workshop's page.

Israel – From The Past To The Present: Summer Program

This 6 week program will provide a broad, multi-disciplinary view of the history, culture and politics of ancient and modern Israel, from various perspectives. Students will learn basic concepts in the history and archaeology of Israel, from antiquity until modern times; plus about theory and method in archaeology and history of Israel; will get practical experience in field archaeology; and will visit major sites and meet public and political figures in Israel. The program aims to provide a broad and balanced perspective on the current political and cultural situation in Israel, based on the region's history, archaeology and culture.
The program will include courses on ancient and modern Israel, and an intensive practicum on an archaeological excavation.

Bar-Ilan students registered to the program will receive an official transcript. Non BIU participants will receive a letter attesting they have earned an academic credit for Bar-Ilan University.

For more informaiton check the program's website.


International MBA Summer Program

Come join our MBA students for an intensive summer semester at Bar-Ilan University’s Graduate School of Business. Study business with students from all over the world and make lifetime connections. In addition, the program includes enrichment workshops and field trips to startups. The summer program includes courses on innovation, entrepreneurshipk, social media, and digital marketing, as well as a leadership training workshop and a digital marketing seminar, and visits to 4 of Israel's leading companies. 

For more information check the program's page.


Data Science Summer Workshop

The workshop provides participants with theoretical and practical introduction to broad topics in data science. The workshop includes courses in basic concepts of data science,  theoretical basis and principles of commonly used methods in data science, understanding of the fundamental limitations and advantages of the different methods, and practice analysis of real data-sets emphasizing common challenges and pitfalls.

For more information check the program's page.

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