Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law


Why study Law?
Not only is there a high demand for law practitioners in every aspect of society, but a law degree can be utilized as a launch pad for a variety of careers, from economics and business to communications and social activism.


Why study Law at Bar-Ilan?


Because of the faculty
The Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University was founded 40 years ago, by a group of gifted law practitioners from America, with the objective of establishing an Israeli Faculty of Law which would live up to the high standards of the universities they attended, such as Harvard, Cornell, and the University of Chicago. The Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University aspires for excellence in research and academics, and is considered one of the leading, most prestigious Law Faculties in Israel.


The Faculty offers study tracks for LL.B., LL.M., and Ph.D. Law degrees, as well as unique programs for economists, accountants, senior executives and law practitioners who wish to expand their knowledge on law are offered. The Faculty operates several legal clinics, in which students can experience practicing law in various fields. A particular emphasis is given to multidisciplinary research and collaborations with the world's leading academic institutions.


The Faculty of Law also operates the Unger Program, offering the interdisciplinary program for law, rationalism, ethics and social justices, and the Ruth and Emanuel Rackman Center for the Advancement of Women's Status.


Because of our professors
Our Faculty members arrive from leading academic institutions, both locally and abroad, and are among Israel's most esteemed judiciary researchers, publishing articles in prominent publications and participating in prestigious professional conventions all over the world.


Because of our academic standards
Thanks to the high level of academic education maintained at the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan, our students acquire the best legal education and background, providing them with a significant advantage in the job market.  Among the Faculty's alumni are dozens of judges, Members of Knesset, Ministers, Party Leaders, and prominent lawyers, business executives and media figures.


Because of the practical experience and social activism
The Faculty operates eight legal clinics for the community, spanning over every aspect of the law and judicial system. Clinics include: a disability rights clinic, a civil legal aid clinic, a criminal justice clinic, and others. Work at the clinics is an integral part of the curriculum, where students are offered the opportunity to acquire a first hand, practical experience of the law, under the close guidance of the Faculty's professors.


Because of the excellent LL.M. Programs
Our LL.M. programs are renowned for their high standards, and attract graduates from all of Israel's academic institutions.


Because we are the world's leading faculty in Jewish Law
The Faculty of Law contributes intensely to the research and modernization of Jewish Law, advises legislators, helps implement Jewish values in the judiciary process, and articulates significant legal norms.


Because of our international relations
The Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law is the only faculty in Israel to be a member at the prestigious ATLAS Association-- The Association of Transnational Law Schools. ATLAS brings together ten law faculties from elite universities around the world, for the purpose of academic research collaboration, with a focus on international law.  Membership at the association greatly contributes to raising the standards of our Ph.D. program to an even higher level.


The Faculty offers student-exchange programs with seven other leading Law Schools around the world, enabling our honor students to take one semester abroad, as part of the LL.B. study track. 

For more information about the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Faculty's website or check our the Faculty's  page.
Last modified: 15/03/2017