Why study Optometry?
Eyesight is one of our most vital senses, and our eyes are some of the most intricate organs in our body. Additionally, sight impairments are the most common physical ailments, and there is a growing array of means for correcting theses problems. These facts explain why an entire scientific field is dedicated to the study of eyesight, eye functionality and the diagnosis and treatment of sight impairments – the field of Optometry.

Optometry is an interdisciplinary science involving physics, chemistry and optics (including advanced laser technologies), alongside biology, anatomy, pharmacology and even psychology. The study Program at the Department of Optometry at Bar-Ilan University includes the examination of scientific, biological and clinical aspects of the human body, with emphasis on eye functions in babies, children, adults and seniors.

Optometry is a highly sought-after profession in hospitals, clinics, and different health institutions. Additionally, graduates can launch a career in Optometric research, an innovative field of great commercial and medical potential. 

Why study Optometry at Bar-Ilan?

Because you deserve the best
Optometry studies at Bar-Ilan University were initially conceptualized as an academic study track offered in collaboration with the Israel College of Optometry, founded in 1972 by the Israel Optometry Association. After having met the required criteria, in 1999 the Israel Council for Higher Education decided to authorize Bar-Ilan University's Department of Optometry to offer an academic degree study track.  

Thus the University established the Program for Optometry Studies, which transformed into the Department of Optometry in 2003, operating under the auspices of both the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Exact Sciences at Bar-Ilan University.  

Because this is the only Program of its kind In Israel
Bar-Ilan is the only Israeli University to offer a study track for a B.Sc. degree in Optometry. As a result, Bar-Ilan Optometry graduates are well sought after in all levels of the industry.  

Because of the academic excellence and professionalism
The Department of Optometry at Bar-Ilan believes in education for excellence and professionalism. Classes are held in small groups, in order to ensure personal guidance and coaching. Practical experience is offered in clinics using the most advanced technological equipment, similar to that used in leading hospital wards.

Because of our exceptional professors
The Department's faculty members are some of the most leading Optometry experts in the country, with Ph.D.'s from American universities, professors from the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Exact Sciences at Bar-Ilan, and eye doctors.

Because of the versatile curriculum
The Department of Optometry's curriculum includes a four-year study track for a B.A. degree in Optometry. Just like the field itself, this Program is multidisciplinary and provides extensive knowledge of various medical and paramedical fields. The first year of studies is dedicated to introductory science courses, and later students delve into all facets of the fascinating field of Optometry.

Because of the practical experience and community outreach opportunities  
The Department of Optometry at Bar-Ilan University provides community services in a number of forms, such as free eye exams and free treatment of eye problems to the general public. The exams are performed by the Department's students, as part of their fourth year internship, under the close supervision of Optometry's Ph.D. holders.    

Because you can grow with us  
Currently, the Department of Optometry at Bar-Ilan University offers study tracks for a B.A. degree, but we are taking actions to expand our offering to include M.A. and Ph.D. study tracks in Optometry, with the option of a clinical thesis. Why? Because you deserve to learn in a growing and constantly evolving, top rate University!  

From here – you can go anywhere 
In addition to the numerous career options offered to Optometry Department graduates, a B.A. in Optometry from Bar-Ilan University enables you to go on and pursue advanced degrees, or choose a path of research in Optometry, Brain Sciences, and many other exciting disciplines.  
For more information about the Department of Optometry at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Department's website.

Last modified: 16/10/2017