Why study Music?
Music is one of the earliest forms of human communication and expression, a remarkable reflection of the human psyche. Music can pleasure, relax or excite, and even heal and rehabilitate. Compared to every other art-form, the science of music has the earliest historical roots and is the most developed; it also includes fascinating connections to such areas as physics, mathematics, and cognitive psychology.

The study of music is based on tradition yet incorporates current approaches and technologies. It includes theoretical, historical, cultural, and social aspects, together with practical and creative involvement in composition, performance, and treatment.

Why study Music at Bar-Ilan?

Because of the high level and special atmosphere
The Department of Music at Bar-Ilan offers studies of the highest standards by a well-trained team of professionals alongside an open-minded approach and a warm, family-like atmosphere. The Department resides in a brand-new and well-equipped building that allows students to engage in a wide and varied range of activities even beyond the official study hours. The Music Library, one of the best of its kind in Israel, is an inviting and relaxing learning-space.

The beautiful and acoustically superior Concert Hall hosts a concert series sponsored by the Department that exposes students to professional performances of all types of music. The curriculum offers a variety of academic specializations as well as the possibility for combining musical studies with other fields. One can chose between the expanded major, major, double major, and minor tracks, and accordingly form a personal Program of studies. A newly added Program is Music and Technology, where music is combined with computer studies using the Department’s state-of-the-art Recording Studio.

Because of the interdisciplinary approach and the professional opportunities
The Department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of areas as well as a diploma in Music and Technology. The undergraduate Program may be combined with a Teacher’s Certificate Program in music which opens job opportunities following graduation at all levels of the education system. As part of the undergraduate curriculum students are invited to participate in exciting performing groups such as jazz, chamber music, and choir, to benefit from the high-quality Recording Studio and even perform in the magnificent Concert Hall.

Graduate student may specialize in musicology (history, theory), music therapy, composition, and music technologies. The Department’s faculty includes top-ranking musicians, therapists, and scholars that encourage research, treatment, and musical creativity of the highest possible standards. Many of the Department’s MA and PhD recipients find professional fulfillment in their area of specialization, in Israel and abroad.   

For more information about the Music Department at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Department's website or check out the Department's  page.





Last modified: 18/10/2015