Literature of the Jewish People

Literature of the Jewish People


Why study Literature of the Jewish People?
You wish to expand your horizons, and you're not ashamed to say it.
You want to know more about your cultural heritage and history.
You wish to improve and advance your writing skills.
You feel it's important to preserve and cultivate the Hebrew language.
You are interested in reviving and studying Jewish languages and literatures.

Why study Literature of the Jewish People at BIU?

Because of our unique department
Bar-Ilan's Literature of the Jewish People Department is renowned for its cultivating learning atmosphere, its young and motivated professors, and its faculty's personal attention to every student.  
Our students are those striving to expand their horizons and improve their intellectual, creative and writing skills; book lovers who want to become researchers, writers, poets, or teachers.   

Because of our versatile curriculum
The offered curriculum includes a wide variety of classical Hebrew literature, alongside modern Israeli literature. You will also be exposed to ancient texts, taught via both contemporary theoretical aspects and broader cultural contexts. Courses in modern and post-modern literature are taught within the framework of current scholar agenda, and in relation to different literary approaches and philosophical movements.

Because of our course offering
Our course offering enables you to construct a personalized curriculum and choose from a variety of BA and MA study tracks offered, including a specifically designed MA track for teachers on Sabbatical.
Ours is also the only department in Israel to offer courses in Hebrew literature alongside exclusive Programs in Yiddish and Ladino studies, and advanced courses in Jewish languages.
BIU's Department of Literature of the Jewish People also offers an exclusive Creative Writing Workshop, given by the famous author and poet Miron Izakson. The workshop is an integral part of our Department's study track for BA degrees.

Because of the research opportunities
The Department of Literature of the Jewish People is conducting several ongoing research projects, in which students are encouraged to participate. These include: the Encyclopedia of the Jewish Story, The Hebrew Story of Ashkenazi Jewry, the computation of all the writings of S.Y. Agnon and U.Z. Greenberg, The research of Jewish Liturgical (Sephardic) Poetry, and The research of Chasidic Jewry.

Because of the creativity and inspiration
A large number of our faculty and alumni have published poetry and prose books, all to rave reviews. We encourage our students and alumni to pursue creative writing projects and publish their work in our departmental journal MASAI (Magazine of the Department of the Literature of the Jewish People), edited by our graduate students. The Department also holds annual book reading events and special MASAI launch events.

For more information about BIU's Department of Literature of the Jewish People, refer to the Department's website or log on to the Department's blog.


Last modified: 18/10/2015