Jewish Art

Jewish Art

Why study Jewish Art?
What is Jewish art? Is it art created by Jewish artists, or is it art showcasing Jewish subject matters? Does Jewish art have to include religious features? What is the standing of practical and archaic objects, which were created for the purpose of usage, rather than art, but that were added the unique façade of Jewish art, practiced within religious and social restrictions?  This is a new and exciting field of study, highlighted in the global discussion of the status and role of art in culture and society.

In addition to captivating studies and personal enrichment, an academic degree in Jewish art enables graduates to explore the field as researchers, teachers, authors, tour guides and museum treasurers.  Another field in high demand of experts of Jewish art is that of the public service, specifically the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as various organizations working with Jewish communities around the world.
Why study Jewish Art at Bar-Ilan?

Because ours is the only Department of Its kind
The Department of Jewish Art is offered in the framework of the Interdepartmental Division of Jewish Studies at Bar-Ilan University, and offers study tracks for B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees. Students of the Department acquire knowledge and understanding of Jewish and general art, and scientific training which enables them to become researchers and teachers. The Department also offers courses in art, drawing and sketching, enabling students who so wish to launch a career in the arts.
Students for a degree in Jewish Art learn to analyze works of art, and study art history, art interpretation, art evaluation and criticism. Courses focus on Jewish art throughout the generations, and its numerous expressions in Jewish communities. Other courses include: Biblical art, architecture and mosaic in ancient times, medieval ornate scriptures, art and sculpting during the eras of renaissance and baroque, print design, design of synagogues and ritual artifacts, Jewish theatre design in Eastern Europe, and more.
Because of the creative workshops
If you have artistic and/or creative skills, the studies for a degree in Jewish art includes creative workshops, enabling you to broaden your knowledge and experiment the subject matter.
Because from here you can continue to become an Art Therapist 

In the past few years, Art Therapy has become an effective and powerful therapeutic tool, used on a wide variety of problems and disabilities. Our enriching, versatile study program can be used as a sound basis for the studies of art therapy.
Because of the excursions, museum visits and sit-downs with Artists 

As early as the freshman year of our B.A. Program, and from then on to graduation, students participate in academic excursions, sit-downs with artists, creative workshops, visits to art galleries and museums, and enjoy a hand-on experience of the creative process. 
For more information about the Department of Jewish Art at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Department's website.
Last modified: 29/05/2017