Social Sciences - Interdisciplinary Studies

Social Sciences - Interdisciplinary Studies

Why choose Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences?
The Program for Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences at Bar-Ilan University promotes academic thinking and interdisciplinary analysis, while interacting between various fields of management, logistics, economics, sociology and psychology.  

The Program is targeted for individuals interested in advancing themselves, developing new skills and enriching their professional capabilities. Most of the Program's students are successful professionals who continue to work and develop their career while studying. Program graduates proceed to assume key positions in Israel's leading companies and organizations.

Why study in the Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences Program at Bar-Ilan?

Because this is the only Program of its kind
The Program for Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences at Bar-Ilan University was founded in 1974. The Logistics study track, which was first opened for enrolment in 1989, has induced a significant growth in the Program's development. Ours is the largest Department for B.A. Studies at Bar-Ilan University, with over 3,000 students in the various majors. The Program also offers M.A. and Ph.D. study tracks, highly popular with professionals of all realms of industry.

Because of the excellent professors
Program faculty includes experienced and renowned professors, experts in their fields, specifically chosen from Bar-Ilan University's Faculty. Program professors provide students with personal guidance and professional supervision throughout their studies, and offer advanced options for research and academic growth.

Because the curriculum is designed for working students
Most of our study tracks enable students to maintain their fulltime jobs. The M.A. study track lasts only two semesters, and classes take place on Thursdays and Friday mornings.   

Because of our unique B.A. study tracks
The Program for Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences offers four unique study tracks for a B.A. degree, all studied as majors:  

  • The Individual: understanding the role of the individual from a broad perspective, while relaying on approaches from the fields of psychology, criminology and sociology.
  • The Group: a program set within the framework of the Department's interdisciplinary studies, providing students with a broad perspective on the roles and functions of key institutions and organizations in our society, as well as the ability to apply theoretical approaches, research methods and process analysis in different disciplines such as political sciences, economics and sociology.
  • Radiology and Imaging: this study track provides students with comprehensive knowledge of radiology and imaging, combined with practical training as radiology technicians in one of the hospitals in Israel.
  • Logistics: Logistics Studies at Bar-Ilan University provides students with academic and professional understanding in all fields of logistical and economical management and operation. Studies include introductory courses, and courses in core logistic subjects, information systems and economics. Bar-Ilan University is one of the few academic institutions in Israel to offer an academic degree in logistics.

Because of our unique M.A. study tracks
The Program for Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences offers prestigious M.A. tracks in Logistics Management, Industrial Management, Public Health, Health Systems Management and HR Management.

Because only we offer an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Logistics Management
Advanced academic degrees in Logistics Management are Exclusive to Bar-Ilan University. A degree in Logistics Management helps provide the need of high level professors, researchers and executives in the most rapidly growing industrial and commercial field.

For more information about the Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences Program at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Program's website.


Last modified: 18/10/2015