Information Science

Information Science

Why study Information Science?

Because we live in an age where internet technologies and information science are an increasingly sought after profession, in all realms of industry: R&D organizations, data centers, technology companies, High-Tech companies, public institutes, data mining services, and all types of library and databases.  

An academic degree in Information Science is the stepping stone to a wide range of positions in such industries as data management, data center administration, website and portal management, data mining officers, and more. 

A degree in Information Science with a specialization in Internet Technologies opens up a wide range of positions such as developers and managers of websites, software developers and testers, content editors and managers, user interface designers, client developers, data scientists and digital marketing experts. Additionally, you will learn valuable skills, vital for anyone wishing to launch a successful career in the digital world

Why study Information Science at Bar-Ilan?
Because of the Department
The Department of Information Science at Bar-Ilan University is the largest of its kind in Israel, and the only one offering B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. study tracks in this dynamically evolving field. Our students receive an in-depth background in all realms of data mining and information sciences, and our graduates go on to work in key positions in leading companies, organizations, and government offices.
The Department of Information Science is the only department in Israel that has been accepted by the prestigious international organization, iSchools, for its achievements in research, fundraising and training of research students. Membership in the organization gives the department international recognition as well as research and professional cooperation with leading departments and schools in the world for information studies. 
Because of the extensive internship offering
The Information world is comprised of content and technology. If you are unsure which one of those you prefer, our Department allows B.A. students to choose an internship in Webb technologies or data mining.
M.A. students are also offered a choice between four of specialties: Data Management, Information Management in Educational and Cultural Institutions, Social Information - The Internet and Personal Empowerment, and Knowledge Management and Organizational Information.
Because of our contemporary curriculum
The Department of Information Science strictly adheres to the most current technological innovations, constantly updating its curriculum, as well as its faculty members and students, of recent events and developments.  
Because Information is power
In the past few decades, information has become a powerful tool, playing an important role in social, financial, political and technological processes, and affecting practically every aspect of our lives. Hence, the Department of Information Science views Information in a wide scope, and examines it from various different angels.
Because of our scientific research
Students of Information Science take active part in the groundbreaking research held at the Departments, in all aspects of the technology: information, data management, data organization tool development, internet tool development, internet research, social information technologies, data behavior, ethics, and more. 
For more information about the Department of Information Science at Bar Ilan University, refer to the Department's website.
Last modified: 18/09/2017