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Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Why study Engineering?
We live in an industrial, technological society, in constant need of engineering experts of all fields. Engineering is a science merging the theoretical with the practical, connecting between ideas, theories, and the laws of physics – and their applicable daily uses. Accordingly, this is a suitable choice of profession for practical, brilliant individuals, who wish to design and improve their surroundings.

Studies of Engineering are at the forefront of academic technological education. They provide students with theoretical and applicable means, and a launch pad for careers in high tech industries and advanced research. A degree from the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Bar-Ilan prepares you for the world of tomorrow, and opens the door for employment in prestigious organizations.

Why study Engineering at Bar-Ilan? 

Because you deserve the best education
The The Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University offers study tracks for a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, in Computer Engineering, and in Electro-physics. Our academic Programs provide a comprehensive background of innovative technologies and scientific developments, helping students launch their careers in a variety of specialties, such as microelectronics, lasers, signal and image processing, wireless systems, computer networks, telecom systems and more. The Faculty's Ph.D. study track offers an additional specialty - bioengineering. 
Furthermore, Bar-Ilan's Faculty of Engineering offers a direct study track to a Ph.D.  

Because of the exceptional staff and friendly environment
The Faculty of Engineering is knows for its young, vibrant faculty members, and its open and friendly learning environment. Our faculty members are graduates of prestigious universities in Israel and abroad, internationally acclaimed researchers and award winning scientists.

Because here, your future is at your fingertips
The Bar-Ilan Faculty of Engineering is a leading and dynamic scholastic center, at the forefront of scientific research and application of pioneering technologies. 

Because of ur multidisciplinary approach and international collaborations
The Bar-Ilan Engineering Faculty maintains extensive research collaborations with Faculties of all disciplines, and focuses on scientific alliances with leading research centers around the world. 

Because of our first-rate learning facilities
Classes of the Faculty of Engineering are held in a state-of-the-art new complex at the Bar-Ilan campus housing the most cutting edge technological equipment. Students enjoy our spacious electronic library, and online databases. Our fully outfitted labs include the VLSI Design lab, the Super Resolution and Imaging lab, the Robotics lab, the Speech Processing lab – the only one of its kind in Israel, a "clean room" and more.

For more information about the Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Faculty's website. or check out the Faculty's  page.


Last modified: 26/12/2017