Why study Education?
Education is more than a mere profession. It's a calling. This is clearly proven by numerous researches conducted among education professionals of all levels, examining their motivation for taking on such a challenging profession. 

Education shapes the future more than any other profession, and determines the social and cultural agenda of future generations. The occupation of teaching and educating, both in the professional and administrative levels, as well as policy making and researcher, are challenging, invigorating and compelling. The constant demand for excelling professionals will continue to grow with the growth in population, and as long as there are children and adults in need of an education. 

Why study Education at Bar-Ilan? 

Because of ours is Israel's leading School of Education
The School of Education at Bar-Ilan University is the largest of its kind in Israel, with over 2,000 students in total. It offers B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. study tracks with majors such as Special Education, Autism and Learning Disabilities, Guidance Counseling, Educational System Management and Leadership, Child Development, and more. The School also offers an International study track for an M.A. in Educational Leadership and Management. 

In addition to the student body, every year thousands of teachers, guidance counselors, school principles and board supervisors participate in the School of Education's professional development activities. 

Because ours is more than just a school
The School of Education at Bar-Ilan University focuses on three key objectives, which balance and complement each other: 

Research and academic excellence 
Promoting the development of education professional in all fields, including teachers' training   
Community outreach                  

        Many of our faculty members are elected as chairpersons for various national and international committees dealing with educational and social issues, and faculty researches have greatly influenced national education policies and agendas.  

Because of the extensive research
Faculty members of the School of Education are immersed in intensive research and development activities, in such topics as Jewish education, educational guidance, special education, education technologies, social education, social sciences, child development, and others. Students of the M.A. and Ph.D study tracks actively participate in these researches, thus gaining exposure to the latest novelties and developments in the field. 

Faculty research is based on qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and includes applicable and basic analysis, international research, and the development of study Programs, learning environments and advanced educational tools.

Because no other institute publishes as extensively as we do 
The intense body of research performed by the School of Education is evident from the record number of publications in professional journals worldwide. The average number of publications per faculty member at the School of Education is at least twice as high as that of a faculty member's at any other school. 

Because of the 500+ course offering
The School of Education operates 13 Institutions, Centers and Chairs, such as The Chair in Education for Human Values, Tolerance and Peace, The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education, the Institute for Integration in Education, and others. These bodies offer a total of mover than 500 courses, seminars, workshops, study groups, laboratories, practicum and experimental work, and the School has recently added virtual classes as well.   

Because of our focus on special education  
Bar-Ilan University's School of Education is particularly invested in training teachers for special education, children with special needs, and informal education. The Unit for Teacher Training offers aspiring teachers 21 different study tracks, with new Programs added annually, according to scientific and research innovations.

Because of the social involvement and community outreach
Bar-Ilan University's School of Education has assumed a social agenda centered on contribution to the community, supporting inner-city students and ultra-orthodox students, and mediating and bridging between different groups in Israeli society.

For more information about the School of Education at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Department's website.
Last modified: 22/03/2017