Why study Criminology?
Crime is an unavoidable vice of modern life, harming us both as individuals and as a society. Law enforcement, productive as it may be, cannot resolve this matter alone. If we wish to deal with the roots of the problem, we must fully understand it first.

Criminology is an interesting multidisciplinary field, dealing with human nature and all its facets, and using knowledge and technologies of all domains. The science of Criminology has hugely advanced in the past few years, generating great interest both in academia and the industry, by helping turn our world to a safer place. 

Why study Criminology at Bar-Ilan?

Because of our excellent Department
The Department of Criminology at Bar-Ilan University was the first one of its kind in Israel. But it is also the most innovating, advanced and young spirited in the country. The Department combines research with teaching, and is the only Criminology Department in Israel offering study tracks for B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in Criminology.

Because of our renowned faculty members
The Department's Faculty includes the best lecturers Israel has to offer, most of whom are graduates of our Department, who have acquired international reputation for their work and publications.  
The Department of Criminology at Bar-Ilan University is ranked among the top ten departments in the world for the number of scientific publications by faculty members.

Because of the versatile curriculum 
The Department of Criminology at Bar-Ilan is the only one in Israel to offer four separate study tracks for M.A. students:

1.       Clinical Track

2.       Social-Rehabilitation Track

3.       Research Track

4.       Theoretical Track  

M.A. students may choose any one of the four tracks, most suitable for their fields of interest and future career.

Because of the scientific research 
In addition to theoretical studies in Criminology, students of the Department participate in groundbreaking research projects held by the Department's faculty in various fields, and are provided with a significant added value for both their academic and professional futures. 

Because of the practical experience 
The Department of Criminology is the most practical in its field, providing the students with ample opportunities for a hands-on experience through research participation, practical exercises and personal inmate rehabilitation projects.
For more information about the Department of Criminology at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Department's website or check our the Department's page on .

Last modified: 18/01/2017