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Why Study Computer Science at Bar-Ilan?

Computer Science is an Extraordinary Science
Computer Science is a unique field that includes both the classic science: observation, information gathering, experimentation and drawing conclusions, and the mathematical aspect: theory construction and formal proofs. Nonetheless, Computer Science is a practical and applicative field that requires understanding of intelligent and complex systems.

Why Computer Science at Bar-Ilan?
The Computer Science Department at Bar-Ilan is ranked in recognized international rankings between the 100 best academic Computer Science departments in the world! The Department is among the leaders in futuristic fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and search in networks and digital libraries.


A Young Department
In recent years, the Department has absorbed several young and youthful members that bring forth current and innovative knowledge from research and industry, thus forwarding the Department.

Homey Environment and Personal Relationships
The Computer Science Department at Bar-Ilan is one of the smallest in the country. This bears on the heavy specific gravity that its members have in the Department. The Department isn't a "factory". Its modest size leads to a familiar and homey environment, providing a personal and warm treatment to each student.

Relationship with Industry
There exists in the Department a unique project in whose framework meetings are convened with people from the industry: entrepreneurs, R&D people, and managers, including professional tours in high-tech companies. This project's aim is to enhance and enrich the student's awareness of high-tech leaders, tighten the contacts with industry, and enable peeking into the high-tech world. For further details, click here

Personal Tutoring Project
This is a first and unique project at Bar-Ilan whose aim is to assist students in their first year studies to maximize their personal capabilities. Each student who participates in this project is assigned a personal tutor, usually a Ph.D. student that guides and assists the student with advice, help and support. Moreover, students that are having a tough going are provided with subsidized personal classes in the various subjects taught.
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Fellowships and Prizes to Graduate Students
The Department encourages students to study and research with a "clear head". The Department provides students in the "thesis track" a tuition waiver and also a yearly fellowship paid in twelve monthly installments. Computer Science is the only Department in the university that grants monetary prizes for publishing papers in academic journals and conferences.

Demand in Industry for Computer Science Graduates
Computer Science is one of the few fields in the university where it is possible to find a relatively high-income job after completion of studies. This field is very sought after in the high-tech industry, providing promotion opportunities and personal development options in varied domains.

Integration of Computer Science Graduates
The outcomes speak for themselves. The Department's graduates integrate, in both research and higher degrees, in both the best universities in the world and the local high-tech industry, where ever more companies appreciate the contribution of our graduates.

If you would like to be part of the challenge of the most exciting revolution in our generation – your best placing is in the Department of Computer Science in Bar-Ilan University.
For further information refer to the Department's website.


Last modified: 18/10/2015