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Computational Biology & Bioinformatics



Why study Computational Biology – Bioinformatics?
Computational Biology is an innovative, new field of science, focusing on the relations between biological systems and computer science and mathematics. This field is becoming increasingly popular, taking center stage in the world of research mainly due to the Human Genome Project and the medical and clinical computational challenges it presents. The field of Bioinformatics is at the core of activities of many biotechnological companies; hence the demand for skilled employees in this field is constantly growing. 

Why study Computational Biology – Bioinformatics at Bar-Ilan?

Because of the winning formula

The Program for Computational Biology at Bar-Ilan University was established 12 years ago. The curriculum combines biology with computer science studies, as well as designated courses encompassing both these fields. The Program was approved by the Israel Council for Higher Education in 2004. 

Because of our diversified curriculum
The Program combines studies of biology and computer science with a major in Computational Biology – Bioinformatics. Students are trained as biologists with algorithmic and computational capabilities, so that they can later seek academic or executive positions in the field. Moreover, thanks to their extensive background in biology and computer science, acquired during their studies in the program, graduates can move on to any high-tech or biotech organization in the industry. 

Because of the challenging final project  
The Final Project, comprising of 400 academic hours during the third year, can be completed under the guidance of leading researchers in this field, or in collaboration with Bioinformatics organizations. The Project can focus on an array or topics, including Classic Bioinformatics, Systematic Biology, Bio-Mathematical Models, Clinical Research, Brain Research, Biomedical Engineering, etc. 

Because of our students
The Program accepts a limited number of excelling students, and has a very strict admission requirements. The Program is highly challenging and demanding, requiring independent studies and consistent results.

Because of the option offered to excelling students
Excelling 3rd year students of the Program can choose to join the "Psagot Program for Excelling Students" – offering a direct study track to a M.Sc. in Computational Biology, with a full scholarship, according to the Program's guidelines.

Additionally, students can pursue a double major in Life Sciences and Computer Science, by enrolling in a few additional Computer Science courses.

Because of the M.Sc. study track offering
The combination of Biology and Computer Science studies allows for a versatile choice of study tracks for those opting for a second degree. Study track offering includes: Computational Biology – Bioinformatics, Systematic Biology, Genomics and Mathematical Models of Biology, Life Sciences (including Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, etc.), Brain Sciences and Computer Sciences.

Because of the option of pursuing an M.D.
Graduates of the Program of Computational Biology – Bioinformatics may apply to the four-year Medical Studies Program.

Because of the endless employment opportunities  

Bio-Computing: Companies specializing in Bioinformatics and/or mathematical models of medicine.

Bioinformatics divisions in pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Bioinformatics departments in clinical research centers. Academic research centers with computational – bioinformatics departments.

Life Sciences: Any number and type of position offered to graduates of biotechnology or a major in biology. 

High-tech industry: key positions in high tech companies, programming and development of products and technologies. Software houses focusing on computing solutions, development and application of technologies, software QA, etc. Computer centers of different corporations and authorities, such as HMO's, government offices, and more.

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