Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature

Why study Comparative Literature?
Studies at the Department of Comparative Literature at Bar-Ilan University offers a unique perspective on literature, independent of time or specific era, and based on a broad perception of inquiring literary subjects and relations with such disciplines as philosophy, music, translation, theatre, art, psychology and communications.

Studies at the Department of Comparative Literature expose students to a rich and multifaceted cultural world, promoting any choice of career track. Graduates of the Department go on to assume different positions as teachers of literature, consultants to literary and cultural programs, dramatists in theatres, editors in publishing houses and library managers, or become authors and poets. 

Why study Comparative Literature at Bar-Ilan?

Because of our Comparative Literature Department
Bar-Ilan's Department of Comparative Literature offers several B.A. degree study tracks, thesis and non-thesis M.A. study tracks, and Ph.D. study tracks. This is also the only Comparative Literature Department in Israel to offer a curriculum combining the studies of world literature with theory and literary criticism. The Department prides itself with a first rate faculty, including graduates of prestigious universities such as Harvard, NYU and the Sorbonne.   

The Department has also established the prestigious Project Ben-Yehuda, which aims to make accessible the classics of Hebrew literature to the Hebrew readers, and innovative Project Gutenberg, the first ever producer of free electronic books (ebooks). 

Because of our many academic activities 
The comparative approach to literature enables students to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of world literature and culture, and incorporate an artistic experience with scientific research. Students explore masterpieces from different countries and eras and of different disciplines, such as literature, poetry, theatre, music, plastic art and cinema.

The Department of Comparative Literature offers a variety of unconventional study tracks for M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, such as Therapeutic Drama, Theatre Workshops, Poetry and Literary Reading events, and meetings with local and international literary figures. 

The Department holds international congresses and conventions and has renewed the valued tradition of "Departmental Colloquium", in collaboration with other Departments at Bar-Ilan University, so that students, graduates and interested parties can participate, enrich their knowledge and create a public debate and culture dialogues.  

Because of the personal attention to every student
We at the Department of Comparative Literature encourage all students to notify us of their needs, expectations and inquiries in their first steps in the world of research. We initiate special activities for research students, so they can select a thesis instructor and subject, and provide personal guidance for writing and submitting their research proposals.    

Because of the individualistic approach
Each student is invited to design his or her own study curriculum, choosing from a wide variety of study tracks, and combining courses from other Bar-Ilan Departments, such as Psychology, Philosophy, Economics, French Studies, Jewish Literature and Classical Studies.  

For more information about the Department of Comparative Literature at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Department's website.
Last modified: 18/10/2015