Classical Studies

Classical Studies

Why choose Classical Studies?
In a short yet incredibly prolific period of human history, ancient Greece has formed most of the Western world's social, political and cultural foundations – democracy, philosophy, tragedy and comedy, satire, mathematics, politics, and many other disciplines widely used to this day.  

Later on, the Roman Empire took charge of the duties of creating the culture and society of the new world, and expanded its activities as a republic ruling most of the known world, making it a point to record any and all of its activities in great detail.

The field of Classical Studies explores the Greek and Roman world and all its aspects, from the most recognizable names, like Homer, Plato and Socrates, and down to the everyday lives of citizens of that time, from studying and exploring ancient languages to finding relevant connections between ancient times to modern daily life.

Classical Studies enrich and broaden our horizons, and provide an occupational advantage in such areas as art, language and teaching, and any other field requiring broad and comprehensive knowledge.


Why study Classical Studies at Bar-Ilan?

Because of the excellent academic level and cultivating study atmosphere
The Department of Classical Studies at Bar-Ilan University is renowned for its esteemed faculty members, some of whom are internationally acclaimed researchers. Our courses regularly receive the highest scores in teaching reviews and educational surveys.  

All of our courses are held in small groups, so that every student receive the professors' attention and personal treatment, and so that good relationships are created between all the students and faculty members, creating a great learning atmosphere.

Because of our diverse study track
Bar-Ilan's Department of Classical Studies offers various study tracks for B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Classical Studies. Specialties offered in the B.A. track are the Greek World (including ancient Greek language studies); the Roman World (including studies of Latin); and the Classical Cultures World, which doesn't require acquisition of ancient languages.

Because of the professional seminars and professional events  
As part of the study curriculum, the Department of Classical Studies regularly holds fascinating conferences and seminars on such subjects as ancient literature, philology, history, mythology, art, philosophy and showcasing the ancient world in popular culture. 

Because of the varied course offering
In addition to "Classical" subject matters, our Department also offers numerous interesting courses such as mythology, biography, political philosophy, women in the ancient world, the relations between Israel, Rome and Greek, and more.  We examine a wide variety of cultures and peoples, from 1,500 BC to 500 AD, and from the British Isles in the West to the Middle and even the Far East.

Because we provide a modern perspective on the ancient world
Some of the courses at the Department of Classical Studies focus on the connection between the ancient world and modern times, including the exploration of timeless cultural influences on modern media outlets such as television and cinema. Additionally, we enable students to experience first-hand the culture of the ancient world, through, among others, staging one of the world's most ancient dramatic opuses.

For more information about the Department of Classical Studies at Bar-Ilan University, refer to the Department's website.
Last modified: 17/01/2017