Business Administration

Business Administration


Why study Business Administration?
Today, a Masters Degree in Business Administration is considered a market currency, and is basically a requirement for any executive or marketing position in any field, as well as an important supplement to professionals in the legal or financial sectors. This degree is also a significant work tool for anyone wishing to succeed in the business or industrial sectors. 

Why study Business Administration at Bar-Ilan?

Because of our exceptional school
The Graduate School of Business Administration at Bar-Ilan University trains the future generation of Israel's executives, providing them with advanced professional tools, helping them to become integrated in any and all professional sectors, while importing the best international knowledge, and adapting it to the unique characteristics of Israel's market.

The Graduate School of Business Administration at Bar-Ilan University offers MBA, Executive MBA and Ph.D. study tracks with four different majors, any one of which is a career track in and of itself. The four majors offered are:

        1. Finances

        2. Marketing

3. Organizational Behavior Management

4. Information Systems. 

All of these majors also offer the option of a research study track.

Additionally, The Graduate School of Business Administration at Bar-Ilan University is the only one to offer a unique program for Native English Speakers – the International MBA  (iMBA) Program, in which Students are given a global perspective together with real world applications that allows them to master the complexities of today’s increasingly more sophisticated world of business.  

Because of our world renowned faculty members
Our faculty members are foremost in their fields in Israel, some – renowned researchers, others – industry leaders. The Graduate School of Business Administration regularly hosts guest lecturers from the academia as well as from various leading organizations and industries. The guest lecturers enrich the students' learning experience by providing them with the opportunity to personally meet and learn from market leaders, and discover industry trends and occurrences first hand.

Because of the synthesis between theoretical studies and practical experience
The School's curriculum combines administrative and managerial theories with acquiring practical tools and skills. Particular emphasis is given to the development of analytical managerial perception, vital to the success of any business executive.

Because of the diversity of course offering
The Graduate School of Business Administration's students are exposed to a vast range of "real life" themes, as well as integrative courses, such as business policies and business role play, uniting different subject matters and providing a wide spectrum of managerial perspectives. The School's curriculum includes unique courses such as the world leading "Marketing Management 2: Strategy", currently only offered in one school in Israel – ours!

Because of the innovation and adaptability to the job market
The School's curriculum is constantly updated and adapted to market trends, the changing business environment, and the most advanced teaching techniques.

Because of the flexible schedule
The Graduate School of Business Administration's program is designed to answer the needs to the large number of students at the School, usually obligated to full time jobs as well as their academic education. The School offers afternoon, evening and Friday (morning) classes, in order to answer those scheduling needs.

Because of the superior Program and networking possibilities
The MBA program attracts excelling students from various institutions and fields, to come and enjoy an enriching, riveting experience, cultivate social and professional connections, and create networking opportunities which will serve them during their studies as well as in their professional lives.

For more information about The Graduate School of Business Administration, refer to the Department's website.
Last modified: 22/03/2017