Interdisciplinary Program in Brain Sciences

Interdisciplinary Program in Brain Sciences

Why Study Brain Sciences?
Our brain is the most complex and intricate organ in our bodies, an extremely sophisticated "control center" that activates and monitors all of our bodily functions, and is also in command of our emotions, thoughts, senses, memory and consciousness. However, this is the most enigmatic organ known to man, and we know less about it than about any other organ. The brain is science's final frontier. Brain Science is at the forefront of scientific research, making use of the most advanced technologies, in an effort to find ways of improving human capabilities, heal diseased, fight aging, and fully understand our brain in order to decipher the secrets of the human mind.

Since our brain is in charge of all of our actions and behaviors, the study of the brain requires exceptional capabilities and multidisciplinary expertise. There is no wonder, therefore, that the greatest scientists and brain researchers of all time focused on interdisciplinary research: Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, was a neurophysiologist. Pavlov, a Physiology Nobel Laureate, was also the founder of associative leaning psychology. And Darwin, the originator of scientific research of human and animal behavior, was also the founder of the theory of evolution.

Why Study Brain Sciences at Bar-Ilan?

Because no other Program offers such a comprehensive education
The Bar-Ilan Brain Sciences Program has a groundbreaking, unique format, offering a versatile interdisciplinary study track, befitting the multidisciplinary features of the human brain. Our faculty members are world renowned researchers, some of whom conduct researches in the Bar-Ilan Brain Research Center, generating international interest.

The Program offers BSc, MSc, combined MSc and PhD, and direct PhD study tracks. 

Because only our Program has such an extensive course offering
As early as the first year of studies, students at the Bar-Ilan Brain Sciences Program are exposed to such intensive subject as cell biology, body and soul, psychology, chemistry and biochemistry, physics and mathematics. In their second year they will focus on complex issues such as computational approaches to studying the brain, cell neurophysiology and system neurophysiology, research methods, and experimental laboratory of behavioral sciences and genetics. The third curriculum year revolves around the acquisition of knowledge of neuropsychology, psychobiology and psychopathology, alongside scientific seminars and advanced laboratory practicum. 

Also, ours is the only Brain Research Center in the country to have MEG – a magneto-encephalography brain mapping system! 

Because this Program prepares you for advanced degrees
Bar-Ilan Brain Sciences Program graduates can go on to acquire advanced academic degrees in such fields as brain research, psychology, neural computation, and all areas of life sciences.

Because this Program can launch your career   
Since Brain Sciences is an innovative, groundbreaking field of research, its popularity and demand are rapidly growing. This field, always in need of trained professionals, can offer Bar-Ilan Brain Sciences Program graduates the opportunity of launching a career in various positions in the health system and in research labs of high tech and biotechnology companies, dealing with such futuristic fields as artificial intelligence.

For more information about the Brain Sciences Program at Bar Ilan University, refer to the Program's website.
Last modified: 18/10/2015