Why study Biotechnology?
How do you commercially produce insulin to treat diabetic patients? How do you develop and produce a drug that will destroy cancerous cells without harming healthy ones?  How do you create a drug that will prevent the creation of blood vessels that nourish cancerous tumors? How do you produce and market biological replacements for chemical pesticides? There is one simple answer to all of these questions – Biotechnology. 

This scientific discipline focuses on using the knowledge acquired from the comprehensive study of biological systems for the purpose of producing solutions and products that are applicable for different uses in medicine, science, agriculture, ecosystems, and more.  The most unique aspect of Biotechnology is that it encompasses all realms of life sciences, as well as related fields of technology, law, economics, marketing, and management. 

Why study Biotechnology at Bar-Ilan?

Join a unique Program in a popular field

The field of Biotechnology is an exciting and stimulating discipline, dealing with the utilization of biosystems from a whole organism to the actual cells and tissues of plants and living organs, for the purpose of developing medical, cosmetic, and scientific solutions. This field has immense financial potential, is quickly evolving, and very popular.

The objective of the Biotechnology Program at Bar-Ilan University is to train a new generation of experts and professionals able to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. Students of the Biotechnology B.Sc Study Track acquire comprehensive knowledge of this leading field of life sciences, and are given tools that enable them to continue and pursue an M.Sc in Biotechnology or any other field. 

Because of our diversified and all-inclusive curriculum
BIU's Biotechnology B.Sc Study Track includes 72.5 annual academic hours, spanning over 3 years of study.  In the first and second years, most courses offered are introductory, and are the same courses offered in the Enhanced Life Sciences Study Track in the Faculty. During the second year of study, Biotechnology students are offered a number of designated courses, such as "Programming for Biotech Experts", "Botanical Biotechnology", and more.  Studies during the third year focus on the different Biotechnology specialties, including: separation processes and analysis, chapters in biotechnological production processes, bioinformatics, legal and management aspects in biotechnology and more.

As a whole, the Program provides its students with a broad spectrum of modern biology, and allows them to make an educated decision as to their academic and/or professional future.

Because of our motivating study environment and the most promising faculty in Israel
Study in an invigorating research setting, utilizing the most advanced academic methods and technologies, first rate labs and dozens of young, world renowned faculty members, in a cultivating and familial environment.

Because of the career opportunities and potential advancement
Graduates of the BIU Biotechnology Program are currently employed in any number of key positions in both the public and private markets, and are regularly called upon to come up with creative solutions combining advanced technologies with applicable researches from the various fields of life sciences, in order to produce applications and products that will help advance humanity.

In order to advance professionally, graduates of the Biotechnology B.Sc Study Track at Bar-Ilan can choose to continue their studies and acquire an M.Sc in Biotechnology in the two years study track or in the intensive study track for Honors Students (The Psagot Program). These advanced degrees will expand their professional knowledge, open more doors in the job market, and offer prestigious, high-paying positions.

Because of the ability to directly acquire advanced degrees
Upon their graduation from the Biotechnology B.Sc Study Track at Bar-Ilan, graduates may choose to continue their studies and acquire a MD degree in the 4-year program at the Bar-Ilan Faculty of Medicine in the GalileeThey may also choose to pursue other advanced degrees in Life Sciences. Additionally, graduates will be able to find desirable positions in biotech and pharmaceutical companies, focus on clinical and/or scientific research, or teach sciences.

For more information about the Bar-Ilan Biotechnology Program, please refer to the Program's website.



Last modified: 18/10/2015