Jewish Heritage

Jewish Heritage

The founders of Bar Ilan University established the university as an academic institute that attributes the uniqueness of the Jewish people to the sacred Jewish principles and values it lives by.

Since its founding, the university has aspired to advance science and research in all areas of Jewish culture and Jewish professions, and to graduate scholars, researchers and men of culture who are knowledgeable in the Torah and are imbued with the original Jewish spirit and love of humanity.

This unparalleled uniqueness of Bar-Ilan is expressed in various ways and activities, as presented below.

 In comprehensive, in-depth teaching and research activities in all areas of Jewish sciences, in a separate Faculty of Jewish Studies – the largest of its kind in the world.

In the Basic Jewish Studies Program , an integral part of the Bar Ilan academic program, at a scope of one quarter of the study quota for the Bachelor's degree students.

In the establishment of a number of Research Centers and research chairs in Jewish domains, such as the Lookstein Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora.

In the establishment of the Jesselson Institute for Advanced Torah Studies and the Torah Midrasha for Women, in which in-depth studies of the Torah are combined with academic studies in various fields.

In various Academic Publications in the area of Jewish studies, including an Online Periodical in Jewish Studies (JSIJ). 

In the creation and development of the unique "Responsa Project" .

In the creation and development of the unique project – "Mikraot Gedolot - Haketer".

 In the regular publication of the "Parashat Hashavua" study page which is distributed in thousands of copies in and outside the campus.

In the special program for Jewish overseas students - The Israel Experience - which combines studies of Jewish heritage and tradition with studies of the Land of Israel.

In the Torah and Science Society which aims to combine Jewish values with science and technology.

In various activities conducted by the Campus Rabbi for students and university staff.


Last modified: 01/03/2017