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Approximately 1,760 academic faculty are employed by Bar-Ilan University, 660 of whom are senior faculty members and approximately 1,000 administrative and technical staff members.

Faculty recruitment is managed via academic regulations, including the Senate regulations that define the work procedures of the Appointments Committee, as well as other Senate regulations and guidelines to the professional committees.

 The conventional tracks for Bar-Ilan faculty are as follows:

  • The regular track
  • The parallel track (teachers' track)
  • The associate track

The criteria for appointments, promotion to a higher rank and tenure in each track are defined by the above regulations.

The Human Resources Unit for Academic Staff handles faculty recruitment and all aspects relating to changes in position.

Recruitment to the administrative staff is handled by the Human Resources Department, headed by the Deputy Director General for Administration and Human Resources. The administrative staff is an integrated part of the work done at the university, and contributes to the teaching and research work at the faculties, departments, laboratories, the various logistical units, and the secretariats of the university's different units.

Last modified: 18/10/2015