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About the University

About the University

Bar-Ilan University, founded in 1955, is one of Israel's leading institutions of higher education, uniquely combining cutting-ege scientific research with education steeped in Jewish values and social responsibility.  From 70 students to close to 19,000, its milestone achievements in the sciences and humanities and all fields of human endeavor have made an indelible imprint on the landscape of the State of Israel.  The university has 8 faculties: Jewish Studies, Medicine, Engineering, Law, Life Science, Exact Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities.  These faculties are active partners in Israel's national science and technology initiatives.

Seeking “Impact beyond Excellence”, BIU has created challenge-driven research centers which embrace practical research designed to change and improve the human experience; adopting innovative instructional methods; intensifying global outreach; and broadening its discourse and dialogue throughout the Jewish world and Israel.

A microcosm of Israeli society, BIU's diverse student body includes both secular and religious; Jews and non-Jews; as well as new immigrants and international visitors. Included within the BIU family, as well, are a multi-faceted academic faculty and administrative staff. Their confluence represents a mosaic of the State of Israel, providing a unique atmosphere for open exchange of ideas and embracement of the "other." Diversity is key on the BIU campus, and tolerance and civility our operating code.

At Bar-Ilan our students learn to assume social responsibility and address challenges facing Israel and the Jewish world. They are provided with an opportunity to learn about Jewish heritage, both formally,  though our unique core  program of basic Jewish studies which enables students to take academic level courses in Bible, Talmud, Jewish philosophy and Jewish history, and informally, through enriching Jewish experiences available on campus. The Ludwig and Erica Jesselson Institute for Advanced Torah Studies affords BIU students with the opportunity to combine intense, high-level Torah scholarship with their diverse academic training.

Serving as a bridge between Israel's diverse sectors, Bar-Ilan University, with its multicultural campus environment, provides a singular forum for free thought and open discussion.

It is the ability to fuse a reverence for Jewish legacy and heritage with the rigors of academic study which makes Bar-Ilan University like no other.

Last modified: 19/11/2020


The Bar-Ilan University Logo

The Bar-Ilan University logo reflects the dual core aims of our institution: the pursuit of academic excellence along with the study of Jewish heritage and values. Fused together, the letters form Bar-Ilan's Hebrew initials – Bet and Aleph – which are also the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The BIU symbol was originally crafted by the noted British graphic designer, Abram Games, at the time of the University's founding in 1955. Over the decades, with the growth of the Bar-Ilan University community, the BIU emblem has given visual expression to our "Tradition of Excellence" in combining cutting-edge research with training of highly qualified researchers and professionals in the sciences, humanities, law, engineering, business, medicine and the arts – all within a unique learning environment which fosters Jewish values and continuity.


From its globally-recognized leadership in nanotechnology, Biblical archaeology, and engineering to its hundreds of Judaism-related courses offered under the auspices of the world's largest Jewish studies faculty, Bar-Ilan University is making its impact felt as it meshes the microscope and Torah scroll – high-level scholarship and Jewish heritage into tomorrow's culture of excellence.

לוגו אוניברסיטת בר-אילן

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