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Life On and Around Campus

Life On and Around Campus

The Bar-Ilan campus is the scene of animated interaction between students, faculty, administration and visitors attending meetings, conferences, lectures, and the like. The University’s state-of-the-art Friedman Student Information & Service Center attends to the students’ every administrative need. The Gradel & Weisfeld Day Care Centre, geared for infants from three months to three years, provides quality, affordable on-site care for the children of Bar-Ilan students.

The Office of the Campus Rabbi organizes a wide range of activities enriching spiritual and religious life on campus, among them special Shabbatot, evening Torah lessons, and social events during the Jewish holidays. The weekly “cholent” with Torah get-togethers on the sprawling lawns of the campus are a big draw to religious and secular alike. For the ever-burgeoning population of new olim students on and about campus, BIU’s new “Anglo” rabbi provides weekly Torah lessons and answers to halakhic questions – all in English.

BIU’s Office of the Dean of Students promotes the welfare of the students on campus, providing a range of services designed to respond to personal, economic and social problems. The Sybil Wigdor Social Involvement Unit helps some 1,000 students with physical, medical and learning disabilities to fulfill their academic potential as independently as possible. Together with the Student Union, the Office operates frameworks for students’ volunteerism and involvement in the community.

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Last modified: 09/07/2018