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About Bar-Ilan University

About Bar-Ilan University

About Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University is a leading institution of higher education in Israel, with some 17,000 students. Those pursuing their BA, MA and PhD degrees on our award-winning, centrally-located campus just outside Tel Aviv,  or an MD or MD/PhD at our Faculty of Medicine in the Galille, are joined by thousands more who are enrolled in certificate and enrichment programs.


The University has eight Faculties: the Mina & Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences, Exact Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Social Sciences, Humanities, Jewish Studies, and Law. It additionally offers six Interdisciplinary Graduate Study Programs in Brain Sciences, Nanotechnology, Hermeneutics & Cultural Studies, Conflict Management & Negotiation, Science, Technology & Society, and Gender Studies.

巴伊兰大学有8个学院:Mina & Everard Goodman 生命科学学院,精确科学学院,医学院,工程学院,社会科学学院,人文学院,犹太研究学院,法学院。此外,巴伊兰大学拥有6个跨学科研究生项目,包括脑科学,纳米科技,解释与文化学,冲突管理与谈判,科技与社会研究,性别研究。

The sterling academic experience provided by Bar-Ilan University is what one would expect from any world-class institution. Bar-Ilan is pursuing cutting-edge scientific research, as seen in our Nanotechnology Institute, School of Engineering, and Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center. But at Bar-Ilan we are not satisfied with merely being another great research university. We see our mission as something far more challenging and historic. We build character and leadership for Israel and the Jewish nation, based on the belief in the centrality of Israel to the Jewish world as its national homeland. We provide opportunities for our students and faculty to draw from traditional Jewish values to shape their deeds and destiny.


The University is comprised of students from all over Israel and abroad; Jews and non-Jews; secular and religious; Israeli born and new immigrants. Working on the premise that education is the “great equalizer,” BIU strives to make higher education accessible to all sectors of students through scholarships based on merit and need. Also included within the BIU family are a multi-faceted academic faculty and administrative staff, who are known for their warm, nurturing support. Their confluence represents a mosaic of the State of Israel, providing a unique atmosphere for open exchange of ideas and embracement of the “other.” Diversity is a key component on the BIU campus, and tolerance and civility our operating code.


At Bar-Ilan our students learn to assume social responsibility and are provided with an opportunity to become acquainted with Jewish knowledge and culture through taking a variety of academic level Jewish studies courses, engaging in dialogue with their fellow students, and experiencing the special campus flavor. Attesting to the success of the Bar-Ilan "formula" are some 120,000 alumni, who are making their mark throughout Israeli society, in government, law, economics, education, sciences and technology, and other important fields.



International Programs and Studying Options - for Asian Students


1.      Post Doctorate studies - The KORT Postdoctoral Program Scholarships* 


2.      Ph.D; MA; BA English Literature and Linguistics; Translation


3.      Ph.D. M.Sc. Biology: Nano-biotechnology, Bioinformatics (Computational Biology), Systems Biology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Immunology, Cancer Research, Metabolism and Aging, Fertility, RNA Biology, Developmental Biology, Stem Cell Biology, Structural Biology, Ecology, Plant Biology and Neurobiology.


4.      MBA The International MBA program, Business Administration School


5.      BA International B.A. Program, offered in 3 areas:


      a.      Communication (with a minor in Political Science) 传播学(辅修政治科学)

      b.      Economics and Business Administration 经济与企业管理

      c.       Interdisciplinary Micro Social Sciences (Psychology, Criminology, Sociology)


6.      Certificate program for MD and PhD graduates- Medical Bio-Computation


7.      Summer Seminars: Engineering**; Conflict resolution**; Archeology



*   Scholarships for Chinese Students only 仅针对中国学生的奖学金

** Special scholarships for students from China and India only 仅针对中国及印度学生的奖学金


Contact Person:

In Israel:
古丹妮  Dr. Danielle Gurevitch

Director of Global Affairs
Asia Division
Bar Ilan University, Israel

In China:
习婉钰 Betty Xi 驻中国代表
巴伊兰大学 国际事务-亚洲交流处 

China Representative, Global Affairs-Asia Division at the Vice President for Research Office
Bar-Ilan University
Ramat Gan, Israel, 5290002
Email: wanyu.xi@biu.ac.il  WeChat: 616968108

Visit us at:  http://weibo.com/biuchina

Last modified: 25/12/2018