Yeshiva University Interns Engage in Cutting-Edge Research in Bar-Ilan's Labs

Yeshiva University Interns Engage in Cutting-Edge Research in Bar-Ilan's Labs

"As a biology major, I was interested in performing lab research this summer," says Rachel Blinick, one of 25 select Yeshiva University (YU) undergrads who participated in the new BIU-YU Summer Science Research Internship Program in Israel. "The Bar-Ilan program offered the perfect combination of the science experience I was looking for and the opportunity to interact with world class experts."


Working with Dr. Doron Gerber of the Mina and Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences, Blinick investigated how mutated p53 tumor suppressor proteins (as compared to the normal, wild type) bind to DNA and whether this has bearing on their efficacy to combat cancer. "Rachel was an integral part of the research team," notes Dr. Gerber, a Returning Scientist who came to BIU from Stanford University.


"Over the course of the program, with Doron's guidance, I developed invaluable research skills, learning to work through a project from start to finish and present my conclusions in a clear and coherent manner," explains Blinick.


Blinick says she also enjoyed "great extracurricular activities which allowed me to see how scientific discoveries are applied." As part of the program, the interns toured scientific and industrial sites, visited BIU's Tell es-Safi/Gath excavations, and met with noted BIU faculty. That, in addition to gaining first-hand experience in one of BIU's cutting-edge research labs.


"Bar-Ilan can be very proud of this program and can rightfully point to it as an important new way in which we are serving North American Jewish community and increasing the positive visibility of both Israel and Bar-Ilan,"  stresses Prof. Chaim Sukenik, founder and acting director of the program, and incumbent of the Edward and Judy Steinberg Chair in Nanotechnology.  "We want to afford YU students the opportunity to understand the special relationship that exists between scientific excellence and the values that are common to both Bar-Ilan and Yeshiva." 


Dr. Gerber believes that the internships "may trigger future collaborations or even persuade participants to do their graduate studies in Israel."  In the meantime, the novel summer venture has won favorable acclaim, with Rachel Blinick enthusing that the "exclusive opportunity to work in Doron's lab has provided me with an incredible research experience."



Last modified: 07/02/2012