International Students

International Students

International Students & BIU


Bar-Ilan University’s Office for International Students supports the process of application and acceptance to all of our 52 academic departments and programs. Our staff assists students with everything from the conversion of foreign standardized test scores to the verification of transcripts and diplomas. We offer personal meetings with prospective applicants to explain dynamics of the Israeli university system and expectations of its students, helping them evaluate academic options and choose the program that best suits their skills and aspirations. We also help assess candidacy for admission.


The academic standard at BIU is among the highest in Israel. The faculty prides itself on its outstanding professors and researchers, all personally committed to providing students with excellent education, and cultivating independent thinking and personal growth. Bar-Ilan University takes into consideration the challenges that foreign students encounter when adapting to a new country and studying in a new language. With our support, international students gain access to a large assortment of academic resources—such as extra time on exams and subsidized tutoring—and have the opportunity to join both the Israeli and international community, find meaningful employment, participate in student government, and more.

Last modified: 13/03/2014

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