The Israel Experience Program

The Israel Experience Program

"Israel has been nothing short of amazing," enthuses 18-year-old Rami Blumin of Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania, who is one of 91 North American students currently enrolled in the joint Bar-Ilan University and NCSY "Israel Experience" program. "We have great trips and Shabbatons. From experiencing the cultural differences, learning about the history of Israel to taking incredible classes, I am eager to see what this year will bring."

In 2010, Bar-Ilan University's One Year Program for overseas students is being run in conjunction with The Israel Experience. 
The Program offers a fusion of Jewish heritage education with academic studies and exploration of the Land of Israel.

The academics of this program, which are under the patronage of Bar-Ilan University, include a Hebrew Ulpan, Jewish heritage, and an array of academic classes.  The informal education and other activities offered by the program are under the auspices of the Israel Experience.

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Last modified: 31/08/2014