The Preparatory Program (Mechina) & Ulpan

The Preparatory Program (Mechina) & Ulpan

University Preparation and Hebrew Language Immersion Bar-Ilan University’s Mechina Program aims to familiarize students with university education and prepare them for continued education in any institution of higher education in Israel. The program covers a broad spectrum of subjects including Judaic studies, math, Hebrew, and elective courses. Courses are taught in simplified Hebrew and adapted to the specific needs of visiting students and new immigrants who have just arrived in Israel.

The Mechina program consists of required courses and electives. Instructors and administration fully assist the new student to successfully adjust to studying at BIU and to take part in campus life. In addition to the focus on education, the Mechina also focuses on the students’ integration and naturalization processes through organizing social gatherings, tours and weekends all over Israel.

Hebrew Language Studies (Ulpan)

Students are required to take Hebrew-Language (Ulpan) courses until they reach a level 6 based on their competence at entry. The Ulpan gives students the skills they need to successfully communicate and function in Israeli society.

Summer Ulpan 2013- English/Français

Ulpan Registration Form - English

Ulpan Registration Form - Hebrew

Admission Requirements

+In order to be considered for the Mechina Program, applicants must submit the following:

High School Diploma or Matriculation Certificate with accompanying transcripts.

+Students are required to take a placement exam in Hebrew, Math, and English.

Academic Policies

+ Required Courses: Hebrew, English, Math, Government, and 3 Judaic courses.

+Optional Courses: Sociology, Economics, Computers, Land of Israel Studies, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Graduates of the Mechina program receive a diploma specifying the study track, courses and grades, including the general average. Courses in English and Hebrew are acknowledged for continued study at all academic institutions in Israel.

Students can also participate in a psychometric exam preparatory course (for an additional fee). Students who complete the program with an overall GPA of at least 85% can be accepted to most departments at BIU (including Law, Economics and Psychology) without having to take the psychometric exam.

Financial Aid for the Mechina Program

New Immigrant (Olim) students are entitled to full tuition coverage according to the criteria of the Student Authority. Visiting students are encouraged to apply to various organizations, such as Masa Israel, which offer financial assistance for study programs in Israel.

Mechina Application Form - English
Mehina Data Sheet - Français
Mejiná Data Sheet - Español
Mechina Data Sheet - Russian







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