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  • Bar Ilan Faculty of Law and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Open the Registration for the Executive LL.M. Program

    Date: 2010-09-05 Hour: 9:15

    The Program offers a variety of courses focusing on international commerce, commercial arbitration, international negotiation and mediation, law and commerce, international commerce, and more.   Studies will be held in small groups on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings.   Students will be able to complete the Program's requirements and receive their LL.M. within one school year.   A two-week summer semester will be held in the ICC's offices in Paris, France. Courses will be held by the ICC's executive management members, and will include commercial international arbitration according to ICC regulations, and ICC regulations for international trade and documentary credit. A seminar will be held in the OECD office on the subject of "the financial and legal ramifications of Israel's membership in the OECD.   For additional information about the Executive LL.M. Program, refer to 972-3-531-8816 or